Anna Taj started to sing and play guitar since she was a very young girl. She was introduced to classical ballet at the age of six. Her dancing interest evolved from classical European tradition to American jazz ballet as she explored her growing liking for such musical genres. Anna Taj’s love for music impelled her to listen to several genres during her stay in Italy.

Her musical attitude fully manifested in 2003 when she settled down in Auroville. Here she met with musicians from all over the world and started working and participating in different projects. Since 2006 she has performed in several concerts in Auroville and Pondicherry. In the last 2 years, Anna Taj and her band have performed in some noteworthy concerts in some of the best resorts and hi-end hotels in the region.

Anna Taj’s most loved genres are pop/rock/blues/jazz although in the last six years Anna expanded her interest and experiments in world/fusion music realm.

She synchronized the different styles into a new blend where traditional harmonies and melodies from different cultures mix with modern rock/soul/dance rhythms modulated by lyrics of new generation. The songs composed by Anna Taj are sensual and spiritual at the same time. The lyrics of the songs are in sync with the fast evolution of our globalized world. Anna Taj’s songs are intelligible and accessible to one and all.



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