Anna Taj & Jesse – The Passenger

– Vocals Anna Taj and Jesse Fox-Allen
– Rhythm guitar Pierre Foulax
– Lead guitar Edo Ardo
– Electric bass Saga Daven
– Piano keyboard Agni
– Drums Peter Hadders

Kalabhumi Festival 2016

Diwali in Rock
It was a joyful evening in music under heavy rain where the Diwali Celebration has happened at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium past Monday, 9th of November. Anna Taj Band performed a selection of pop, rock, reggae and funky songs from her repertoire. Edo and Pierre accompanied her on guitars, Agni on keyboard, Saga on bass, Ingo on harp, Saravanam on drums and Alejandro on percussion. As a special appearance Margherita has sung with Anna and the band.

Listen here:

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“Stairway to heaven” Auroville Singing Festival 2015
” At conclusion of the first evening of the 2015 Auroville singing festival, Anna Taj performs the Led Zeppelin’s masterpiece, with the support of the band and of most singers participating in the Festival. ”